About us

The USAFA Flying Team is a nationally ranked team consisting of 27 flying members with optional member slots for those competing in ground events. For the past 20 years, the team has been coached by Bert Boyce, former B-52 commander, T-37 Instructor Pilot, and Glider Instructor Pilot. The team is supported by the 557th Flying Training Squadron, based at the USAFA airfield. Three or four Air Force Instructor Pilots are assigned to the team to conduct upgrade training and coordinate the team's trips across the country.

Members of the team fly at least every other day during the academic year, in addition to flying every day during a 3-week summer period dedicated to airmanship. The team competes at the NIFA Region I SAFECON competition, which typically takes place in mid-October. For the past 32 years the team has won this regional competition, qualifying for the National SAFECON Competition which takes place each spring. The team commonly participates in other regional competitions for practice, conducts spring break training trips, and travels to airshows. New members of the Flying Team support the USAF Thunderbirds team in May of each year during the USAFA graduation demonstration.

The mission of the USAFA Flying Team is to develop officers and skilled pilots through a competitive team environment. The team also aims to represent the Air Force Academy across the country by scoring well in nationwide competitions against 78 NIFA schools. After spending time on the team, graduates have a proud record of often being selected for ENJJPT (Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training) and going on to fly our nation's frontline airframes.