Cessna T-51A Deathhawk

The T-51A is the primary competition aircraft used by the flying team in all flying events. It is a variant of the Cessna 150, with an upgraded 150 hp engine which allows it to operate at the high altitude of the USAFA airfield. The Deathhawk is an all-metal, 2-seat trainer aircraft with a high wing to improve landing performance and downward visibility. The flying team operates 3 of these aircraft.

Cessna T-41D Mescalero

The T-41D is used for the Flying Team's initial qualification training, proficiency development training, cross-country flying, and navigation competition. It is a variant of the Cessna 172, with an upgraded 210 hp engine and a constant speed propeller. Like the T-51A, the T-41D is an all-metal, high wing trainer, but it seats up to 4 crew members. The flying team operates 4 of these aircraft.

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