Ground Events

Simulated Comprehensive Aeronautical Navigation (SCAN)

Competitors take an hour-long multiple choice test on FAA regulations as well as flight planning, weight and balance, and chart reading based on a given flight plan and aircraft information.

AIrcraft Identification Test (ACID)

Competitors take a 60 question test, consisting of 50 multiple choice and ten write-in questions. After seeing a picture of an aircraft on screen for 3 seconds, competitors have a set amount of time to mark what aircraft they believe was shown.

Computer Accuracy Test (Compacc)

Competitors take an hour-long multiple choice test which determines how accurately and how quickly they can use an E6B flight computer to solve math problems and flight planning problems. Extra points may be earned for finishing the test early, making this event a mentally taxing race against other competitors.

PreFlight Event

Competitors are given 15 minutes to find as many discrepancies as they can on an aircraft that has been "bugged" with unsafe items or missing components. The competitor who finds the most true discrepancies in the time allotted wins.

Ground Trainer

Competitors fly a route of standard rate turns, climbs, and descents using only the instruments in the simulator. The pilot who follows the established path most closely, and who has the best timing between maneuvers wins.

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Event

IFR pilots are evaluated on their professional execution of instrument procedures while flying a simulator through an established route.

Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) Event

A crew of two pilots fly a simulator through a challenging situation, while judges evaluate how well they work as a team and use all available resources to handle the situation.

Certified Flight Instructor Event

Though not a staple of USAFA Flying Team competition, NIFA also supports a Flight Instructor event, in which competitors who are CFIs (certified flight instructors) compete to teach a given topic in the clearest and most accurate way.

Click here for complete descriptions of events and official NIFA rulebook